Care Transitions


Using the Critical Time Intervention (CTI) model, Network4Health supports people with serious mental illness and/or substance misuse disorders as they transition from different life changes such as moving back home after a hospital stay, rejoining our community after being released from incarceration as well as youth moving from the child serving care system to the adult serving care system.

Critical Time Intervention

What is CTI?

CTI was designed as a short-term intervention for people adjusting to a “critical time” of transition in their lives. CTI has been proven that patients would meet with more sustainable success if they were connected to long-term support from community resources. 

How long is treatment?

CTI is broken into three different phases over a period of nine months. 

Phase 1: Weekly meetings with your counselor. 

Phase 2: Bi-weekly meetings with your counselor

Phase 3: Monthly meetings with your counselor

At the end of the nine months, individuals receiving CTI will be engaged with desired and appropriate community-based services who can provide ongoing support.

Who is Eligible?

Network4Health partners can refer patients who meet some or all of the following criteria:

-Have a mental Health Disorder or evidence of a psychiatric disorder

-Currently have or are eligible for Medicaid

-At risk of homelessness

-Inability to manage money

-Suicide risk

-Employment challenges

-Inability to perform daily activities

-Lack of positive support systems

Please download the Referral Form and/or the Care Transition Brochure below for a full list of eligibility criteria.