Workforce Development


Workforce Development will focus on educating, recruiting, training, and retaining staff in the behavioral health field.  Through these efforts we will increase access to services needed for the region’s residents, as well as build career and educational pipelines for those already in the field.



Network4Health is dedicated to help increase the Behavioral Health workforce. This will include single initiatives over the next year and throughout the duration of the grant program which will significantly improve the behavioral health system.  These efforts will build a pipeline of workers entering and moving at all levels, and a confident and competent workforce that has access to education and professional development. 

Workforce Wednesdays


Connecting our partners with training opportunities, links to resources, tips for managers, opportunities for feedback and much more. 

(Published Every Other Wednesday)



N4H is pleased to purchase seats, exclusively for our partners, for particular events offered both locally and around the state! We have an automated process through which employees of partners can indicate to us that they are interested in attending.  

Employer-Based Career Pathways

Lack of career advancement or promotional opportunities is often the number one reason employees leave their jobs. Employees need to see that there are better things ahead, more opportunities for growth and development, and that the company wants to invest in their advancement and longevity. Use this tool to create a map of the career paths at your organizations (filled and unfilled). This is a way to help your employees understand potential career progression at your company.

Employer-Based Career Pathways (docx)