About Network4Health

Network4Health (N4H) is a 43-partner integrated delivery network (IDN) established as part of NH’s 1115 Transformation Waiver. IDN Region 4 is comprised of 18 communities surrounding Greater Manchester, Derry and Salem. The region has a total population of more than 320,000, however, the target population to be served is estimated to be about 48,000 individuals; more than 25% of the state’s Medicaid population. 

Catholic Medical Center (CMC) is the agency taking the lead of partnerships. The N4H Partnership Team is composed of representatives of the CMC leadership team and one representative of each of the partner organizations. The N4H Steering Committee is the primary governing body for N4H and is composed of 12 representative leaders from the partner organizations and is responsible for guiding the day-to-day work of the network. 



Integrating physical and behavioral health to better address the full range of beneficiaries’ needs


Expanding provider capacity to address behavioral health needs in appropriate settings


Reducing gaps in care during transitions through improved care continue coordination for individuals with behavioral health issues

Who We Serve